Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Love and Passion, Reason and Logic, Heart and Mind.....

What is love?
What is passion?
What is reason?
What is logic?

Does my heart rule my mind?
Does my mind rule my heart?

Are heart and mind like brothers/sisters?
Are they strangers trapped in the same cell?
Are they one thing?

Can we know real love without opening our hearts to the fullest?
Is opening our hearts to the fullest a mistake?
Is "mistake" the right word?

Is reason the good friend that we know is right,
and we refuse (over and over) to listen to?
Is reason being driven (without knowing it) by fear,
not allowing us to experience love they way we should?

Is worrying about love pointless?
Should we instead worry about other things in our lives?
Is love an illusion or is it real?

Is passion like a chariot that must be controlled by the rider (reason) for direction?
Are passion and reason both riders of the same chariot?

When it comes to love, are heart and mind working together?
Or are they working parallel to each other,
each with its own agenda?
Do we sacrifice one for the sake of the other?

In the end, are we asking the right questions?
Or, are we wasting our time asking questions?

Are we just meant to live?
Are we just meant to be?

(from a note I wrote back in October 29, 2010)

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