Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Atheists and Christians working together :)

I am very happy to share with you the final results of "2011 Send an Atheist to Church". The Purdue Society of Non-Theists and the Episcopal Student Association (ESA) are proud to say that $484.03 was raised for Food Finders Food Bank; this amount surpassed the $362.95 raised in 2010.  This money will allow Food Finders to provide 1,452 meals to families struggling with hunger.

The need for organizations like Food Finders is increasing. Some of the studies done by "Feeding America" reveal the tough choices that many families face every day and every month:
  • 46 percent of client households served report having to choose between paying for utilities or heating fuel and food.
  • 39 percent of client households said they had to choose between paying for rent or a mortgage and food.
  • 34 percent of client households report having to choose between paying for medical bills and food.
  • 35 percent of client households must choose between transportation and food.
(Click here for more details)

So, what can can we do about this? Good question. If you are a Christian for example, check with your church. They may have a connection to a food pantry (if they are not already managing one) or they may have Christians like yourself who would like to come up with ideas on how to fight hunger in your community and want to take action today. If you are an Atheist there are organizations (like "Foundation Beyond Belief") that work to bring together the efforts of Non-Theists to fight hunger and other causes. Also, check to see if there is a food bank in your area; they will welcome your time and any ideas you may have. You could even write a letter to your member of Congress and ask what his/her office is doing to address the issue of hunger. I also suggest that we should educate ourselves about the causes of hunger; doing this will help us to come up with better plans and solutions.

Some of my Atheist brothers and sisters have told me: "Mario, you can be good WITHOUT God'. I usually smile and respond: "I can be good WITH God". However, this event proved that we can be good together.

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