Monday, June 20, 2011

My daughter gave me a present for Father's Day :)

Yesterday was Father's Day. And so, presents, cards and other things were given as part of this day across the land...and my little girl gave me the perfect gift.

She called to wish me a happy Father's day, and as we were talking about a few things she said:
"Hey Daddy, you know what?"
"What's that?", I asked.
She said: "I love you and I miss you very much."

The power of words, the power of words...

Truly, a few words can make a difference and can cause an impact in such a way that material things can't even compare. Now, don't get me wrong. I like getting material gifts and I live giving material gifts.

Perhaps some you (received or gave) an Xbox 360, a book, tools, a gift certificate for a favorite store, etc. Maybe it was simple card.

As human beings we interact with the material things in this material world, and there are good things in this world. Sometimes it breaks my heart to see religious leaders saying how this world is an evil place. This is very tragic.

To disregard and/or condemn our world as evil is to fall back into a Manichean/Gnostic view of the world; true, there are things in this world that cause many of us to suffer but that does not make the world an evil place.

Just like a person in physical pain receives an important medicine to either ease the pain or combat the source of that pain, I believe many of us (sometimes in our darkest times) can recall a moment when we were angry or sad and a few words, if only for an instance, took away our pain.

The power of words...

There is something about words that reaches us to a level that material things cannot, in the same way as music, and other arts transcend the domain of the material world.

To hear those words from my little girl yesterday well, it's hard to describe. All I know, is that my daughter gave me the perfect gift for Father's Day, and I will never forget it.

Happy Father's Day to all (yes I will say it today too) including. The same goes to all non-biological parents, including unmarried couples and all human beings that decide to open their hearts and homes to children every day with love.

With all my heart I say to all of you, thank you.


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